The tremendous flow of human electricity into the life force (pranashakti)

(Pranashakti can be introduced as all-pervading activity in the form of energy waves in the inert world and in the conscious world it can be called thought and sensation. It works in living beings in the form of desire, knowledge, and action. Living beings survive with the help of this. The more quantity of this vitality that one gets, the more it is said to be vital. The person who holds it becomes pranavan and a spiral. This prana is visible in the form of activity in inert substances and awareness in conscious beings.

प्राणो वाव ज्येष्ठश्च श्रेष्ठश्च ।
– छांदोग्य० ५।१।१
Being the paramount power of the material-conscious world, he is called the eldest and the best. This element is eternal and infinite. In this, the universe merges and arises again and again.

Along with ‘Prana’, the adjective of ‘Vayu’ is also used in Vedic interpretation. It has been called ‘Pranavayu’ in many places. It does not mean oxygen, nitrogen, etc. air disorders, but the flow which physicists keep discussing as ‘dynamic electric waves. It can also be said to be the basic encapsulated being in the powerful streams of atomic radiation, heat, sound, etc. If his spiritual form is discussed, then it is consistent with the English words Latent Light, Divine Light, etc., in which it is indicated to be equivalent to Divine Light.

In Prasnopanishad, the origin-centre of Prana is considered to be the sun.
सं एष वैश्वानरो विश्व रूपः प्राणोऽग्निरुदयते ।

With regard to vitality, physiologists have come to the conclusion that the energy (potential) up to the working state in the muscles and the charge (intensity) associated with it has a great role in the communication of life. The classification and nomenclature of these electric currents are presented along with the explanation, and discussion of ‘Cepheli trigeminal neuralgia’. Researchers of thermoelectric coupling have now come to the conclusion that all the activities of the human body remain dynamic through this electrical communication.

A magnetic atmosphere is spread far and wide around the Earth. Earth’s gravity is not everything, this magnetic environment together with it in this world gives rise to so many abilities. On the basis of them, many activities of the world and the sums that fulfill so many needs of beings are formed. Where does this magnetism come from? Where is its source of origin? It was being discovered in the form of interplanetary grants, but it has now been discovered that it is a power flow emanating from Earth’s own deep space. If an iron needle is tied with a thread and hung in the balance, then one end of it will remain towards the north and the other towards the south. Direction and director instruments (compass) are made on this basis. Many activities of living beings are manufactured on the basis of this magnetic direction.

The fact that electricity works in the human body are well known. This fact can be seen directly through electrocardiography and electroencephalography. Our blood vessels are filled with iron-containing hemoglobin. Just as iron powder and magnets stick to each other, in the same way our living beings are also related to living cells. All those activities are carried out by their composite consciousness, which we call a life-communication system.

The radiance, vigor, freshness, zeal, courage, enthusiasm, loyalty, and readiness that are seen in the body are the reactions of life energy.
Machines operate with the help of energy. The human body is also a machine. The electricity required for its operation is called Prana. Prana is a fire, which needs food to keep it burning. Modern scientists have named it ‘bioelectric’.

Sleep is not just a relaxation process to relieve fatigue. According to scientific research, in sleep, the conscious part of the brain goes into a state of unconsciousness. In sleep, our unconscious mind becomes in the same state and receives such an electrical dose from the sky, so that it is possible to conduct physical and mental activities properly.

The disturbances that arise in the physical and mental condition due to lack of sleep, If it persists, a person becomes neurotic or semi-neurotic. Insomnia usually occurs a few days before the madness sets in. In insomnia, this electrical diet is lacking.

Everyone is familiar with the physical ferromagnet, but this is a fact. Very few people know that there is a bio magnet of an even higher level, which is called an ‘animal magnet’ in the language of scientists. According to the science of spirituality, it is used in the exchange of boon, and blessing levels. The younger ones greet their elders by touching their feet. In this touch, the little ones get the grant of electrical power bestowed by the elders. This practice continues even in the Guru-disciple tradition. One type of this is also giving blessings by placing a hand on the head. Pressing the feet of the elders by the younger ones and hugging of the younger ones by the elders, kissing, taking in the lap, waving hands on the back, etc. also comes under this electrical grant process. The power of the elders runs towards the little ones, towards the incapable of the capable. In this way, in this touch, only the small ones take advantage, and the satisfaction of giving also comes in the share of the elders.

This bioelectricity is different from the physical electricity which is used in electrical equipment. Electric shock is caused by touching the battery, magnets, generator, etc. Bulbs, fans, radios, heaters, etc. start working due to their contact. The level of Jiva electricity is different, so it does not do this work, but it can be seen to fulfill the very important needs of other types of creatures. For this reason, the mention of the protection of this electricity is found in the scriptures at every step. The basic basis of material and spiritual success is this power of life. Its wastage should be avoided.

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