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9-Days Workshop

Beyond Birth: Unlock Baby's Full Potential

Are you an expectant mother, eagerly awaiting the arrival of your little one?

Our exclusive workshop is tailored just for you! our workshop is not just a program; it’s a celebration of the incredible journey you and your baby are embarking upon.

Period:- 9 Days Online Workshop
Fee:- 1369 INR 
Recorded sessions also available
Class:  45 MIN session daily for 9 days

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for preconception to conception guidance

Join Garbh Samvad

Scientists have proven today that the fetus can respond to external stimuli. The hormonal secretions activated by the mother’s thoughts can also affect her soon-to-be-born baby in the womb.

Join our workshop to unlock the scientific secrets behind prenatal bonding and cultivate an environment that optimizes your baby’s potential. Limited seats available. Secure your spot now for an extraordinary blend of ancient wisdom and contemporary science.

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Holistic Health: By Panchkosh Wellness

This unique program is specially crafted for individuals and couples navigating the beautiful path of parenthood. Discover the power of Integral Yog as a guiding light, nurturing not just your physical health but also fostering emotional resilience and spiritual harmony.

Our webinars offer a supportive space for learning, connection, and infusing vitality into your life, whether you are preparing for parenthood or already a parent. Join us on this beautiful path, where Integral Yog becomes your guiding light.

Fee:- 369 INR 

12TH  &  21ST  OF EVERY MONTH AT 7:00 pm

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