Parents training for early education of baby

The purpose of this program is to encourage & nurture child’s own inherent talents, help them understanding right form of culture & making them strong on handling emotion, provide them direction on ethics and Jeevan Vidhya (implementing knowledge in life ), educate them about our glorious culture & get inspirations from childhood of Great Personalities.

Child Cultured Education is the need of today’s world – mainly because Nuclear Family, Depleting society & schools lacking moral education due to competitive pressure. Along with that, Parents are lacking awareness on child psychology and they are struggling with raising child due to fast track –double income life .  

The purpose of this program is to equip a person with tools and training at his/her place. The program includes learning of:

(1) How to encourage child for prayer, Gayatri Mantra & understanding its philosophy . Shivir also help on to learn small steps & technique to motivating kids for prayers, rituals etc.

(2) How to make story telling interesting & get inspirations from the childhood of Great Personalities.

(3) Making interesting learning’s of ethics, cautions during interaction with world, personality development & Jeevan Vidhya (implementing important elements of life ).

(4)There are many indoor and outdoor games are learn during shivir /camp which helps learning ethics, sharing & help in sharpening memory.

(5) Cultured Education also train the parents on making best out of waste matter. Parents will also get vidoes, presentations and multimedia matter related to stories and learning matter.

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