Scientific method of exercise.

Scientific method of exercise

Considering these things, modern physiologists have propagated ‘drill’ (exercise) and exercises for stretching and loosening different parts of the body. The practice of ‘asanas’ was told here for this purpose. In all these efforts are made to influence the internal organs and to keep the blood vessels, nerves and nerves in working condition, based on the principle of circulation and contraction. It also affects those bodily glands, which extract many types of life juices. The discoveries of modern science have increased the importance of these glands and proved that major diseases arise when they become inactive or tight. For example, aging is delayed by the juice of ‘thyroid gland’ living inside the throat and the bladder remains in good condition by the juice of ‘clome’ living under the stomach. In addition to these large glands, small glands called ‘ductless glands’ are also found in large numbers in our body, due to which the circulation of blood continues properly. If they don’t do their work properly, twenty types of diseases can arise by contaminating the blood. There are many similar glands within the body, which are affected by the exercises of stretching and loosening of the organs and they help a lot in health-preserving.The second characteristic of the scientific exercise system is that the way it takes care of assimilation, it lays as much emphasis on elimination. The fault that is often seen in our old-fashioned wrestlers is that they take too much care of food; Serons eat flour, ghee, almonds etc. everyday, but they have no knowledge of the process of bowel movement. Perhaps this is the reason why wrestlers often get piles disease. But in the exercise of transmission and contraction of the organs, like the receiving organs, the institutions of excretory system are also made powerful, so that they keep the body pure by throwing out all kinds of excreta quickly. The secret of true health-care lies in keeping the body pure. Without this, on exercising indiscriminately and eating a lot, the body becomes like a heavy bag full of excreta, which will be called unhealthy instead of healthy from the scientific point of view.

Exercise doesn’t just have to be the rigorous push-up routine followed by wrestlers. There are methods suitable for male-female, child-old and even patients. Despite being light, apart from keeping the organs active, they also work to increase enthusiasm and morale. Asana Pranayama has its own importance. Due to them, only those organs are benefited, which often do not have to do proper labor. The common man takes shallow breaths while sitting. Only a small part of the lungs has to work with it and the rest remains inactive. In that part, the germs of diseases like decay etc. enter and while strengthening their home, they create many diseases related to the lungs. If the knowledge of Pranayama is adopted for deep breathing, then the chest will remain strong and there will be no possibility of diseases like decay, asthma, cough etc. Similarly, by practicing asanas, those organs are worked out, which are often not done while exercising. Running for children, walking fast while taking deep breaths while waving hands for the weak is also an improvised exercise. Organ operation is also suitable for old people. To spread and contract the hands, the waist, the neck, the stomach is the movement of the limbs. Even elders can do it well. Sick people can continue to do organ operations while lying on the cot and can also take advantage of rolling around.

Relationship between exercise and health—

For the body to be strong, labor is also necessary along with diet etc. Some people ignore labor and believe that manual labor is the work of lower class laborers and farmers. But this is his mistake. Labor class – not the basis of division, but the god of prosperity. Where he lives, lack, laziness and causeless enmity find place with difficulty. That’s why he is not an individual, but the most important thing of the whole nation. Labor should be respected in a way as divinity. Labor is the direct fruitful deity of this earth.

Apart from laborers, labor has a major place in the lives of all human beings, but it should be taken as an exercise. There is a physical difference between exercise and labor. Labor is simply called physical labor and activity, but a special sense of health-enhancement is also combined in exercise. Therefore it rises above the category of labour. When the feelings of health-promotion are mixed with labor, then the progress of health starts at a more rapid pace .

Exercise is a science–

It is not necessary that the body becomes heavy by exercise, but it definitely makes the body light. If lightness increases in the body, then it will increase energy and the power to work will definitely increase, that is, all the organs like heart, lungs, intestines, arteries and muscles etc. will start doing their work regularly and smoothly. If unnecessary fat accumulates in the body, then it also melts, due to which obesity is removed and lightness comes. The best benefit of exercise is the life-giving air that enters the body through breathing, due to which the vitality of the body increases exceptionally. It is through communication of Prana or life force that mental qualities such as tolerance, self-control, firmness, fearlessness, courage and self-confidence etc. are developed in an aspirant. Exercise increases physical activity, as a result of which power is transmitted to the inactive organs and consciousness comes. These reasons separate exercise from labor and also increase its importance.

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