Importance of exercise

Importance of exercise

In our country as well as in foreign countries, since ancient times, exercise is considered to be the main way to overcome physical weakness. Nutritious foods also prove to be of some benefit only when they are accompanied by exercise in the same proportion. , There was a time when it was considered to be the main part of education. Plato, the famous politician and philosopher of Greece, included only three subjects in the education system of his country – (1) gymnastics (exercise), (2) mathematics, (3) philosophy. In India too, wrestling and using sticks and swords were considered a major part of education. Education of reading and writing was considered secondary in front of them. The reason was that at that time the first duty was considered to be self-defense and country’s defense. The only duty of the Kshatriya varna was to exercise all kinds of power, but people of other castes also had to exercise more or less in one form or the other, because at any time there was a possibility of invasion and disturbance. Used to live

But now, due to the change in the form of governance, the circumstances of daily attacks or civil wars have disappeared.  Due to this, the feeling of wrestling, exercise etc. has also reduced a lot among the people.  But rich people, in whose eyes the most important thing is money, have started considering this type of exercise etc. as the work of low class people.  We also believe that now it has become impractical for most of the general public to exercise by going to the old-fashioned akhadas, even then the importance of exercise cannot be diminished by this.  Exercise is an essential requirement, especially for those who work continuously sitting or standing at one place.

It is necessary to know one thing here that although hard labor exercises like punishment, meeting, mugdar are ancient and famous exercises of our country, but at this time they have been limited to a special category, whose members fight or wrestle.  Regularly participates in other functions.  In this type of exercises, one has to spend more time, have to eat heavy food and also have to take a lot of rest.All these things are impossible for those who lead a normal life.  Nowadays, the responsibilities of living and raising a family have increased so much that people cannot devote much time or attention to other works.

Thinking from this point of view, the same exercise can be useful for the general public, which can be completed in half an hour or 15 minutes in any convenient place and which puts so much stress on all the organs of the body that they become conscious.  Be able to do your work promptly.  In fact, walking, forest tour, swimming etc. are very beneficial and natural exercises, in which there is no fear of any kind of harm and the mind is also happy.  But they take more time.  The person who spends 8-10 hours in job or business and 3-4 hours in home maintenance and maintenance, it is not right to expect that he will be able to spend two hours in some exercise.  Yes, older people who have got rid of the burden of household or who have become pensioners can definitely take advantage of walking.  It is the best exercise for them, as it is a completely natural and natural process.

Instead of becoming a wrestler, the main feature of the exercises that are done only for health-care is that they have an effect on our internal organs, through which our life is governed. In these, especially the nervous system, respiratory system, digestive system, excretory system are counted. Whatever we eat and drink is converted into pure juice and blood through these organs and the excreta and other harmful substances are thrown out. The exercise which helps in completing these tasks properly, can be considered most useful. Only making the body very fat or making the muscles of the arms and legs very hard cannot be a sign of ideal exercise. Such exercise is one-sided and even though it increases the hardness and strength of the hands and feet, defects and diseases can arise in the internal organs. This is the reason why great wrestlers suffer from various diseases, in old age they often complain of arthritis or joint pain etc. and cholera, plague etc. contagious diseases also have a quick effect on them.Therefore, from a health point of view,

Exercise should be such that it does not put unnecessary pressure on the body parts, rather the internal organs and nerves that conduct bodily functions should be purified. The operating power of various joints of the body should remain fine and the work of bowel movement should be done properly. Exercises that overload only one limb do not serve this purpose. For the sake of ‘muscles’, the promotion of football, hockey, cricket etc. games is increasing these days, in them one has to run very fast, due to which the breathing starts running fast. Due to this, pranavayu (oxygen) goes in a little more quantity inside the lungs and it purifies the blood. But on the other hand, due to excessive pressure on many parts of the body, there is a lot of wear and tear of the cells, due to which the pathological element increases. Because of this, later on one starts feeling more tired and sometimes a feeling of guilt also arises. In this way, such exercises cannot be considered to protect health due to loss as well as benefit.

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