What parents should keep in mind while sending children to school?

What parents should keep in mind while sending children to school?

It is the essential duty of the parents to create attraction towards the school before the children go to school. From the time the child is small, discussing the importance of the school and its benefits during the conversation with the children increases their eagerness to go to the school and they eagerly wait for admission in the school. When the time comes to enroll them in school, they never bother their family members. At the time of school admission, there is no opportunity to forcefully force the children. In this way the child’s mental level is ready to go to school.

By sending children to the Bal Mandir before admission to the primary school, the children get acquainted with the environment of the school and go to the next class with great enthusiasm. It becomes difficult to send children to school whose mind develops dislike for school from the very beginning. Therefore, it is necessary to create a yearning for school in the child’s mind.

When the child goes out of the limited family of the house, he is introduced to new peers, teachers and other people. Children feel happy in the school environment; Because their natural tendency to develop is strengthened here. Children play among themselves free from all kinds of differences. Parents should try to increase this trend of children.

The habit of going to school regularly and studying should be developed in children. Parents should discuss the studies done in the school with the children every day. Along with this, parents should take care that the child reads his lessons regularly at home. Sometimes the child’s teacher should be kept informed about his progress. Due to this precaution, there will be no disturbance in the studies of the child.

It is necessary to inculcate the virtue of cleanliness in children.Children should wear clean clothes, go to school with their hair done, take care that ink stains do not fall on clothes, do not eat dirty things sold outside the school, and after returning from school, keep your books in the designated place- these Continue to give information about everything to the children. Habits formed in childhood remain for life.

Children take interest in listening to stories, singing songs, watching shows etc. since childhood. An environment should be created to encourage this tendency in them. Children should be asked to tell instructive stories by telling them, so that the child’s speech gets an opportunity to become clear. Instead of dirty cinema songs, they should be taught songs, choruses, march songs etc. filled with national sentiments in school, so that their hunger for stories, songs etc. can be satisfied.

Children have a natural inclination towards sports. Keeping this in mind, children should be given maximum facilities for sports in the school, so that the school remains the center of attraction for the children. Efforts should be made to develop the qualities of co-operation, tolerance, courage etc. in the children through games in the school. Similarly, apart from sports, children should be given opportunity to participate in cultural programs. Children should be given opportunities for costume-competitions, group dance, group songs etc., so that their interest in the school remains. A child’s mind is fickle. Without concentration it is not possible to remember any lesson. They can remember numbers, tables, poems, words etc. by rote. The poems which are recited by the children in their childhood, they are useful for many years in their life, so it is important to remember the children.

The trend should be increased. It is not difficult to inculcate this tendency in children. Children have an innate tendency to learn and know new things. Keeping in mind the age and brain development of children, small inspirational poems and songs can be remembered very well according to them. If children are praised and encouraged for remembering them, they move very quickly in this direction. Doing antakshari is also very useful in this direction, but it should be kept in mind that children should not memorize meaningless and useless or perverted words. Antakshari should be considered not just a game, but a good mental exercise. Children remember the verses of Sanskrit very quickly. Whether they understand the meaning or not, by reminding them of good verses, they start understanding them and taking inspiration from them as they grow older.In order to maintain the attraction of the children towards the school, it is necessary that the teachers behave sweetly towards the children. If the teacher starts threatening and threatening the children as soon as they come, then it becomes difficult for the children to send them to school, so the personality of the teacher should be inspirational to the children. In order to maintain the high respect that the children have for the teacher, the teacher should behave ideally and lead an excellent life.

Children have a lot of curiosity. They should give proper answer to every question and proper solution to every doubt. If the teachers do not answer their curiosity according to their curiosity, then their curiosity is killed and they do not dare to ask anything further out of fear. Even when they grow up, they suffer losses due to their submissive nature. The teacher is also responsible to some extent for this loss. Therefore, every curiosity of children should be fulfilled.

Curiosity increases the tendency for deep contemplation. By making it frustrated, there is a deadlock in the tendency of contemplation, serious thinking. It is true that children’s curiosities are sometimes very strange and solving them is sometimes timely, sometimes it is not. Sometimes they also ask such questions that even adults cannot solve them without thinking and studying. On such occasions, children should avoid them wisely instead of running for their awkward questions or giving clumsy answers to difficult questions. Later their proper solution can be found out with a calm mind.

If children do any wrongdoing, they should be stopped in the beginning itself. If they pick up someone’s item, they should be asked to return it immediately. If this tendency is not stopped in the beginning, it will go on progressing and after a few days will become firm in the nature of the children. Parents and teachers should try to stop the bad habits of children in the beginning; So that those poisonous sprouts cannot take the form of poisonous trees.

Overall, the work before sending to school is very serious and responsible. If we are careless in this, it will be costly for our children. Every effort should be made to ensure that the attraction in their mind towards the school does not decrease.If disinterest arises in the mind of the child in the beginning itself, then he will not be able to bear the important work of studies and his life will be unsuccessful without studies. That’s why it is not enough to admit the children in the school, other aspects should also be considered in that context, otherwise justice will not be done to them in true sense.

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