Home Schooling of Kids

Home schooling of kids–

Home is the elementary school of the child, where he learns the important lessons of life.  In schools, colleges and schools, only the intellectual development of the child takes place, their aim is to complete a certain curriculum, which has limited use in life, but the things learned in the home school become a part of the child’s life.  She goes  In fact, the home is the decision-making body of the child’s character, nature and personality;  Whereas intellectual development is possible only up to a level in schools.

Just as a small plant grows and flourishes in favorable climate, soil and under the care of a qualified gardener, in the same way, in a suitable environment at home, in the company of skilled parents, the child’s nature and his personality, character  becomes excellent.  The dirty environment of the house and the sinful life of the parents inspire the child towards evil.  Normal incidents happening in the home environment, parents’ behavior, lifestyle, conduct have a big permanent impact on the child’s psyche.

The house where the environment is very gentle, calm and sweet, where people will have mutual love, service life, good relations, there is a big contribution in the mental development of the child.  Where a child is allowed to live a free life, he gets everyone’s affection.  Where the child lives a fearless life, such an environment proves very helpful in the all-round development of the child’s personality.

In that house, where there is constant discord, disturbance, mutual tension, quarrel;  Where a child has to live an affectionless, companionless life and has to face harsh treatment, far from developing, on the contrary, mental abilities, intellectual talents, personality, all get frustrated.The parents or guardians who keep saying ‘tu-tu, main-main’ to each other;  In which there are fights and quarrels with each other every day;  Those who keep trying to prove each other stupid and mean, make lewd allegations, their behavior has a very bad effect on the tender minds of children.  The immature brain of a child cannot understand such behavior.  This has an adverse effect on his mind, as a result of which his respect for parents or other members of the household decreases.  Due to the decrease in the sense of respect, mistrust also arises in the children.  Without faith, faith does not remain stable.  Those children who are unfaithful and faithless, start disobeying their parents and become undisciplined.  This situation is not limited to the family only, but towards the norms of the whole society, these children become vagrant and disorderly in future.

Discord in the house, mutual misbehavior of family members give birth to evils like disbelief, mistrust, indiscipline, disorderliness etc. in children.  Therefore, it is necessary that efforts should be made to completely remove the dispute between husband and wife or discord in the family.  Even if something like this happens, don’t let it come in front of the children.  Just as a fight at home is hidden in front of a guest, similarly one should do the same in front of children.  The matter of discord in our own house should not be allowed to reach the children.

Parents should not allow any of their character weakness to appear in front of the children.  No matter how innocent the child may be, there should never be mutual affection, obscene gestures or wrong behavior in front of him.  A child’s mindset is so receptive that knowingly or unknowingly he easily adopts them.  As far as possible, addictions should be given up, even if no evil is spared, care should be taken not to allow it to be expressed in front of the children.  Any addiction to beedi, cigarette, tobacco etc. should be completed in solitude, not in front of children.

When the children become sensible and a bit older, the sleeping arrangements should be made separate for them.  Intelligent children should not be taken to sleep in the same room;  Because the secret relationship between husband and wife has a bad effect on the child.  Along with this, children should not be kept naked.  Due to this, sexual feelings can be awakened in children in an untimely manner, which leads them towards many evils.Guardians, parents need children’s

Make arrangements to run them according to a formal routine.  The time for eating, drinking, sleeping, reading, playing etc. should be fixed for the children, but along with this, the parents’ own life should also be systematic and regular.  His ideal will inspire the children to lead a regular life.  If the children make mistakes in their regular schedule, then they should be told not to live according to the rules.  It should be a mistake to give permission to do household chores while studying or playing while sleeping.  The child should be allowed to walk according to his rules and regulations.  If some necessary work comes, then it is another matter, otherwise there should be no disturbance in the program of the children as much as possible.

Children should not be instructed by taking shelter of any kind of fear, superstition or misconception;  Even if it is in their interest.  Children should not be shown the fear of ghosts, witches, spiders or hawks etc.  The feeling of fear frozen in childhood cannot be removed throughout life.  This kind of fear inculcated in the unconscious mind at the time of childhood disturbs even strong-healthy, fat-fresh persons on seeing some small animal in the dark, in solitude.  The parents themselves should also refrain from such display of fear in front of the children.

The feelings of parents or guardians, their behavior also has a big impact on the lives of children.  In fact, the life of the parents is the first book of the children in the home school.  Not only with children, how parents behave with others has a huge impact on the child’s mind.  An incident is very important in this regard.  A rich person was abusing a poor person in the matter of transaction, he got him beaten by the servants and pushed him out.  His pawned jewelry was grabbed by the rich man.  The poor man went on crying and screaming.  The rich man’s son was watching the whole incident standing nearby.  The child’s tender heart could not bear all this and a feeling of bitterness and hatred arose in his heart towards his father.  He became a rebel.  He felt bad listening to his father.  He would do such things, due to which the rich father would be in trouble.  He would have been happy with his father’s troubles.  In the end, the situation came to such an extent that when he grew up, he captured all the money and his father had to give up his life after suffering from illness, but there was no effect on his heart.The saying of that daughter-in-law is famous, who used to give food to her blind father-in-law in an earthen vessel.  One day when the earthen pot broke, the daughter-in-law cried a lot, abused her a lot.  He ordered a wooden vessel and gave food outside the square.  His innocent child was watching all this.  The next day the same boy was banging a wooden plank with a stone.  Mother asked – “Son! What are you doing?”  The child said in his childlike language – “Amma! I am making a wooden plate, when you grow up, I will serve food in it.”  That woman was shocked and from that day onwards she started giving food to the old father-in-law in good vessels with respect.

The behavior of parents with servants, neighbors, relatives, shopkeepers, common people has a great impact on the tender mind of the child.  The need is that we have to make substantial improvement in our behavior in our entire life cycle, so that no such misbehaviour is created,which adversely affects the child, it has to be taken full care of, if we want to improve the character, nature and personality of our children.  You have to make it perfect.  There is no doubt that when a child is born, a huge responsibility falls on the parents.  That is to provide excellent personality to children, to make their nature and character perfect and all this is possible only through practical education in home school.

Many parents send their child to a boarding house or a reputed school far away because;  Because the child does not study well at home;  does not reach school on time;  loses his reading books and other things;  roams among stray boys;  Does not obey the orders of the family members.  Many people send the child elsewhere, not for the welfare of the child, but to get rid of him, to get rid of his headache by being troubled by his habits.  Many parents send their child away from home at a very young age to study and become qualified because of their more money.  Whatever may be the reasons, it is a big mistake on the part of the parents to remove the child from their shelter at an early age, until he is able to understand and understand.In any institution, school, school, boarding etc., children may have an external education system to study, write, lead a regular life and conduct a good life, but to provide them with excellent personality, to pave the way for a successful life, parents,  Whatever the guardians can do, it cannot be done anywhere.  Really, no one else can worry about the future of the child more than his family members and make necessary efforts in that direction.  So it can be safely said that the child should not be sent outside the limits of the house till a certain age, until his mind becomes mature and mature.

The way parents can fulfill the responsibility of making children’s life excellent, no one else can fulfill it.  Apart from this, no matter how good education a child gets in the external environment, it is temporary because it is oral.  Permanent and true education can be learned by the child under the protection of the parents, only from their practical life.  Although schools, boarding, educational institutions are useful, but the entire responsibility of building the lives of the children cannot be left on them.  In fact, a calm home environment with parental affection is of great importance in the character-building of children.

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