Give rituals by scaring children is wrong

Give rituals by scaring children is wrong–

The child is crying and the mother is telling him a story to put him to sleep. It is also natural for children to fall asleep while listening to a story. But what are the stories like? Their influence is visible later in youth, throughout life. The children who are told stories of ghosts, may not believe in their existence in future, but an unknown fear of such powers settles in their mind and brain in the form of rituals.No matter how positivist, realistic, philosopher they may be, the heart trembles while going to deserted places in the dark night. The reason for this is the fear that gets accumulated from the stories heard in childhood.

In fact, every behavior done with the child, every thing done to him, any kind of effort or action in front of him definitely affects him indirectly. It becomes helpful and foundation stone in the formation of his personality. What a child will become in the future, in what form he will be useful for the society, it depends on the people he has got company with in his childhood, what kind of environment he has got inspirations from?

Apart from all these things, the stories heard from grandmother, grandmother or mother while sleeping at night affect him not only to a great extent, but to a great extent. He has no idea whether the stories are true or false, whatever will be said and done in front of him will seem to be true. Hearing the horror stories of ghosts and spirits, the child’s mind easily gets faith in such imaginary entities. Sometimes he gets scared even in his dreams at night. Screams arise. The reason for this is that those imaginary idols keep flashing in his memories in the form of feelings,At that time, when these stories are told, the narrator only understands the praise.

Children too listen to Him naturally. No thought process goes on in the mind of the narrator, but the children who listen, who have never seen such incidents with their eyes, go through a period of serious contemplation, which inculcates values in their mind. As a result, the child later becomes a coward, a coward and a coward.

It is necessary for the personality development of children that they should be told healthy stories and inspiring incidents. Their promising results have been seen. Listening to inspiring stories of bravery, courage and enthusiasm has awakened the inherent talents of many children, who went on to create history.

Mythological and historical literature is filled with hundreds of examples of this type. Abhimanyu got not only inspiration, but also training by listening to such stories, that too in his mother’s womb. Then Arjun used to have such discussions with his wife. His mother Jijabai used to tell inspirational stories from Ramayana and Mahabharata to Rashtraveer Shivaji.Fighters and warriors in the Indian freedom struggle were inspired by such incidents for ideals and sacrifices. Mahatma Gandhi was able to strengthen his beliefs towards truth and non-violence by listening to such inspiring stories from his mother since childhood.

That’s why children should not be told stories from the point of view of entertainment or entertainment, but it should be kept in mind that they inevitably have an impact on their mind and brain and they give direction to their lives in the form of rituals.

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