Profoundness of inner beauty

Profoundness of inner beauty-

Asanas and exercises both are beneficial in improving strength and health.  There is a difference between the effect and reaction method of both, that is, the secret of the asana body also exerts its effect.  Normal exercise and exercise, sports remove internal stool disorders from the body, but their effect does not reach some main and core body glands, subtle parts, so stools remain there.  Asanas also reach those subtle parts and remove the stool disorders accumulated there.

Various popular asanas are famous and effective for the removal of feces, but in these too, relaxation is such an asana, which immediately fills the body with freshness and cheerfulness.  The freshness of the body definitely affects the mind.  It is natural to have some delay in this, but there is also a process by which the whole mind can be made light and clean and healthy.  Man has got this process as a boon from nature and knowingly or unknowingly everyone goes through it.  But due to being ignorant of its effects and consequences, some do not understand its importance.  As a result, it is neither considered seriously nor is it given any attention to create and digest it in its own nature.

The name of this process is-Smile Smiling is such a psychological posture, due to which the strings of the mind become jittery and the poison present there in the form of envy, malice, crookedness, malice and tension gets burnt to ashes.That’s why a western doctor has written, “Smile creates such an aliphatic environment inside, whose coolness protects us from the wrath of the world and the polluted environment.”  It is based on these facts regarding the power of smiling.

It can be seen that when there is an attack of anxiety, grief and passion, the aliphatic cheerfulness of the face is lost.  In an anxious state, clouds of despair start covering the face.  This condition tells what is going on inside?  In such a mind, there is only preparation for surrender and defeat towards the present circumstances. A worried person neither has the courage to fight against those circumstances nor is he determined to overcome this weakness.  Decorates and in such a situation, if the flower of smile blossoms, then it is sure that its fragrance removes the root of worry. The smiling face in adverse circumstances is a symbol of the fact that the life force of the person has not yet been spent and he can use this power. 

The name of one such perversion that burns the mind is – those who live with serious and open mouth.  Their friends and friends are in close contact with people also behave carefully, because it is difficult to say.  When will they get upset about which thing?Their relationship, broken by laughter and laughter, remains a heavy burden on their mind and brain.  Such persons can be seen getting upset and angry on the slightest issue.  As a result, impulses and impulses continue to baffle even the most of them.

If a person is asked how are youIf his mental state is tense and nature is unnecessarily serious, then what right response will you get from him except the opposite answer!  Even the well-being asked in a natural way, they will feel like a sarcasm on themselves and this is the result of an uncomfortable mood.  Impulsivity and malignant disorders make their first attack on this front.

Only people of uneasy state of mind keep on nurturing jealousy and enmity over trivial matters.  On the contrary, if the sweet and fragrant wind of cheerfulness and smile flows in their mind, then not only will they be free from all kinds of worries and sorrows, but they will also be successful in preparing hundreds of their cooperative friends to fight those situations.  Go

The onslaught of impulses can be easily countered with the weapon of a smile.  This can be experienced by doing a small experiment.  If you are a shopkeeper, then even if it is unfair on the complaint of the customers, then talk with a smile.  That customer will be a friend forever.  If the officer is scolding on any misunderstanding or instigation of others, then solve it with a smile.  He will become your friend.  Although all these things can be answered in their own language as well, but in that language even if your side is true and solid.  Still, in the eyes of those people, you will become arrogant and like an enemy.  .  Thus it can be seen that a single smile can save you from so many troubles, returning home late.  Due to some reason there was a delay in completing the work in the office and the wife is asking the reason for it at home, so don’t hurt the wife by saying that I have to do slavery to others to take care of you, that’s why you are late.  Gone, otherwise just express this feeling with a smile and see that the work of the job.  It is only natural to be late at times.Hearing this, an ocean of love and affection will rise in the wife’s heart, it is certain.

How smiling behavior and nature keeps the mind dependent and fresh, it is needless to say now?  On the contrary, it also opens rum in life and has to be made sweet.

The external environment is formed only in the context of mental conditions and if the mind is healthy, alert and refreshed, then nature also smiles with itself and this achievement can be earned continuously by relaxation in the form of a smile.  After being aware of these benefits of laughter and smile, it is natural to ask the question that how to make the nature cheerful?

In fact, being cheerful, smiling and smiling is an art and only these people can become proficient in this art, who are used to seeing the bright side of life or make this habit a part of their nature.  James Alvert, analyzing the essence of the art of always smiling, wrote at one place, “If you see two clouds, one dark and one bright, look at the bright one by looking away from the black one and you will always smile.”

Only that which is dark and murky is not visible. Failures in life, unexpected events and unimaginable situations also come and must come, otherwise the monotony of life would prove to be boring.  If the tongue gets only one taste to taste, then there will be millions of hunger, but a situation will definitely come when it will be acceptable to suffer hunger, but will not feel like tasting that juice.  Variation is the principle of nature, change is the cycle of life, where everything is uniform and stable, whatever it may be called, it cannot be called alive and conscious.  One can focus on the bright side of life with this attitude and then nothing is impossible to live with a smile.

Psychologists give a selective advice for earning happiness.  According to this advice, one has to sit in front of a mirror in the experiment.  While looking at your image while sitting in front of the mirror, you have to remember some funny incident which is buried in your memory.  As soon as that memory emerges, a smile will blossom on the face.Seeing a beaming face in the mirror, a stream of inner joy erupts when the user thinks, “I am giving a healthy signal to my inner mind through this smile.”  My organs are becoming healthy and the radiance of my face is shining. Now I will not surrender to the onslaught of anxiety, grief and passions, but will face them with a smile.

This experiment brings a cheerful change in the nature of the seeker and helps in making his mind dependent, healthy, fresh and cheerful.  Expressing his opinion in relation to laughter and smile, a scholar has written that laughter and smile are such sweetness, which when mixed in life, the juice of life gets excited with new power, strength and potential.  The person who consumes this honey is never sad, nor disappointed, nor does he stop anywhere, nor does he get stuck.  Playing with the circumstances like a ball, he always keeps on moving forward.

It is true that the world is the companion of those who laugh. One who is happy and happy, thousands of people participate in his sorrows and pains and make him light, but those who are sad and sad, no one participates in their laughter and happiness, because such people do not participate in these occasions. According to their nature, they also find an excuse to cry. Ultimately, it has to be accepted that laughter and smile are a nature-given boon that fills human with freshness and enthusiasm. As far as possible, one should try to take advantage of it.

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