Vital energy is more powerful than atomic power.

Why human only?  The existence of every particle of the universe rests on balance.  As soon as that balance is disturbed, existence starts disintegrating.

It is said in Prashno Upanishad-

Pranagnaya Evatsminpure Jagrati.

In this Puri i.e. the body, the life force is the source of many types of fires.

wakes up as

There is the same difference between Prana and Pranagni, as between embers and blazing flames.  Only a living being is called a creature.  Prana is basically a Sanskrit word.

When this Prana is activated with special intensity, then this burning activity, intensity of it is called Pranagni.  This itself can be called the brightness of life.  In the field of action, this Pranagni appears in the form of energy, bravery, adventure.  This comes in the form of sharpness of thinking, brightness, mind in the intellectual field.  It is said in the Brihadaranyaka Upanishad-

Prano Vai Yasho Balam means life is fame and strength.  This also means that the activity of life itself comes in the form of force, it becomes the reason for all-round fame and expansion.

Even if there is life, but if it is not strong, then special work cannot be done.  Intense activities, specific movements are possible only through Pranagni.  A weak soul keeps on pulling the shackles of life one way or another.  Impulse, speed, speed are seen in him only because of Pranagni.

This Pranagni is active in the form of the mind’s will, intelligence, discretion, the perception power of the mind and the ego.  Sharpness of will, awareness of conscience, strong perception power and ‘super ego’ are forms of Pranagni.  This Pranagni is active in the body in the form of Pranavidyut.  In this way, where Prana is mere ‘is’ i.e. ‘Existence’, on the other hand Pranagni is the electricity of the body and the conscious energy of the mind and intellect.

Swami Vivekananda has called it ‘latent light’.  This is also called ‘Divine Light’.  This conscious energy of Prana only illuminates the personality.  This is the power of effort.  Courage and enthusiasm are its light.  It keeps the personality dynamic in the form of determination, readiness and perseverance.  Due to its deficiency, life-enthusiasm gets relaxed, frustration-depression keeps the person under control.

Instead of keeping a person alive when the Pranagni becomes uncontrollable, it burns him to ashes.  Distortion or directionlessness of Pranagni itself comes in the form of passion, anxiety, hypocrisy, stubbornness or crookedness, inferiority.  Misbehavior, anger, harsh words, discord – these are the names of misuse of life force, which can always be used in good activities, it can lead to strength, intelligence and fame.

The imbalance of body electricity also creates many idols.  In the seventeenth century an old woman in Essex was suddenly struck by vital electricity and burned to death in her cottage. The ‘Daily Telegraph’, London once reported a truck driver burnt to death in his seat inside his truck.  Similarly, ‘Reynold News’ published a news of West London that a person was going there by the road, then suddenly a flame came out from inside him and he got scorched there.

Scientists have also confirmed these incidents of the rapid burning of the inner fire of a human being.  Although they haven’t been able to find a satisfactory solution yet.

Only scientists can find out the cause of these sudden explosions of vital electricity in the human body and the measures to stop them, and they will find them, but such explosions are rare.  They are not so much the problem of mankind as the problems arising from the misuse of the inner Pranagni.Due to the misuse of this Pranagni active in the body, mind, intellect, conscience, a person may not burn completely like accidental explosions, but inside he keeps getting burnt, damaged.  Misuse of body power, disobedience to the rules of diet, shedding of precious life force in the drains of sex-disorders – these are the misuses of Pranagni, due to which a person’s strength increases and Ojas decreases.
Harassment, defamation, untruthful statement, eloquent speech are the examples of misusing the fire of life, due to which the person burns himself as well as others.  Words that burn like hot coals, burn like hot rods and leave scars, excite the speaker and also burn the one for whom they are said.  Excessive use of physical energy reduces the strength of the self and also increases the distortion disturbance in the nearby.

Visible losses on a large scale are similar to incidents of burning of the body due to fire.  Terrible side effects come to the fore only occasionally, but due to the imbalance of hydroelectricity, when it starts ‘leaking’, such examples of severe shocks to oneself and the people in the contact area can be seen daily, such as a teenager from London.  Electrical energy was observed to ‘leak’ in Jenny Morgan’s body.

Scientists who investigate such incidents say that when the cover of the nuclei of the ‘cells’ of the body becomes a little loose, the body electricity contained in it starts ‘leaking’ and then it starts running in the body in uncontrolled quantity.  Incidents of such laxity of body cells and ‘leakage’ of electrical power may come to the fore now and then, but in whose mind, intellect, inner-self there is continuous ‘leakage’ of active life electricity.  There is no dearth of such loose personalities in the society, there seems to be a glut.  Anyone who comes in contact with them gets hurt by the jolts of life electricity ‘leaking’ in the form of their harsh words, crushes, maliciousness and abuse.

On the other hand, those who make good use of this life force, they themselves get happiness and peace like W.P. Jones of Colorado, they also benefit others.  Jones used to walk naked on the earth with this electrical power and give accurate information about the reserves of many metals in the earth.  Many people endowed with such abilities are seen everyday and it does not take long for fame to spread around them.  He himself is happy with this charity, others also find him useful and important.

The benefits that come from the proper use of active life force in the inner field are many times more.  When these courage, bravery, intellectual intensity, determination and activism are employed in the right direction, they shower centenary grants of progress, excellence, success, contentment and peace.  It is said in the Shankhyana Sutra– Prano’smi prajnatya, that is, I am in Prana form Prajna.  Attainment of the good objectives of life on the basis of good thoughts, good deeds, good knowledge and harmony through this Prana-Pragya is the augmentation and good use of Pranagni.  The achievement of excellence in life is due to this vibrant life force.

Is by  This is called Pratibha.  Lively intensity and boldness to take risks is the result of this lightness of the creature.  To plan it balanced, controlled and in the right direction is the meaning of life.  augmentation of life energy, consciousness


Prana energy is considered to be the basis of keeping the conscious soul active and giving it the ability to move fast in the direction of the desired goal.  The miracle of the same can be seen in the extraordinary development of personality.

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