Make many straight natured men stand in a line. Which of these people can be suitable for your spectacle, choose it by these methods.

(1) Apply ink on your thumb and show it to each one in turn for two minutes and tell us who can see a golden temple in it. Whoever says that we see a ‘temple of gold’, understand that they are worthy of use.

(2) Open the paw of your hand at a distance of three feet in front of the people standing in the line and say that due to the attractive power of this hand, many of you will bow down.By saying this, pull the paw back in such a way, as if you are pulling those people by holding them in the paw. Do this ten five times, consider those whose heads bow down as worthy of use.

(3) Take ordinary water in a glass, rub your hands on it thrice and then give one spoon of it to everyone to drink and tell whoever finds this blessed water a little sweet, tell it. Those people who say that we found the water sweet, consider them suitable for use.

Choose one person who is the most faithful and straightforward among those who are fit to be used. Make him sit on a simple chair. You stand in front of him and rub ten to twelve times from head to chest and order in a sure voice that “Now you have become completely obedient to us. All your actions will be according to what we say, as we wish. Using mesmerism, you have been completely subdued.” Saying these words, keep staring at his face for two to three minutes and keep watching whether his facial expressions have become obedient or not. If not done, then give the same order once or twice in firmer words.

When the character’s face becomes relaxed, obedience starts to appear, then say – “Your hands have been made heavy – very heavy – very heavy, now you will not be able to lift them. No matter how hard you try, you will not lift them.” That person will try to raise his hand, but will not be able to get up. When you say that we have lowered our hands, then he will raise his hand. When you say that it is getting very cold, he will start shivering due to cold, if you order to apply heat, then he will get restless due to heat, will take off his clothes and fan will blow. If you give him a piece of soil and tell him it is sweet, he will start eating it like a sweet. If you call a sweet bitter, he will spit on it as soon as he tastes it. If you call wood a snake, it will run away in fear of it, if you call a man an animal, he will treat it like an animal. If you call a flower coal, it will only see that coal. According to your order, in a single handkerchief, sometimes it will tell the smell of perfume, sometimes of kerosene, sometimes of asafoetida. He will listen to many music through his ears. Put them to sleep by closing their eyes and say that if they send you to Mumbai, then take a tour of Mumbai, narrate the things there. Send him to the battle front and he will describe the war.If you send him to the jungles of Africa, he will tell you the condition there, send him anywhere in heaven, hell, sky, underworld, he will reach there and tell the news of that place.

People are amazed to see a good man behaving like this, but there is nothing to be surprised about, faith has such power, it has many times more power than this. Those who do hypnotism draw the faith of the character towards themselves by their commanding power and also take their mind in their possession. The senses are subordinate to the mind, so the senses of the vessel are also captured by the user. Eyes, nose, ears, tongue, skin, all these also experience sound, form, taste, smell, touch according to the order of the user. Wearing colored sunglasses in summer gives the illusion to the mind that there is not much sunlight. On the basis of this illusion man keeps on roaming in the scorching afternoon and does not feel the heat. This belief shows its magic in hypnotism. Clever and highly exalted experimenters can hypnotize thousands of human beings at the same time by their will and continue to show wonderful games to the whole public. After taking the photos, it has come to know that those people do not play anything, they just keep making up things and the onlookers experience those things in a bewildered way.

Three games of hypnotism are mentioned here. These are just praise, they are false, there is no benefit to anyone from them. Apart from the above mentioned three games, there are many other praises of mind power and there can be. We ask our readers not to waste their own and others’ energy in these games. There is no profit in this except praise, there is loss of both. Yes, they definitely prove a psychological principle. That there is great power in faith. As one believes, so do external things appear to him. ‘Every man makes his own world’ – proof of this saying can be found in the games of hypnotism and the lesson can be learn that we mold our beliefs to the way we want to see the world.

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