Foreshadowing is not a coincidence but the truth.

Many people take the events and predictions that happen according to time and special circumstances very lightly by calling them mere coincidences, but the events of foreshadowing, which are mentioned in this book, are based on facts. Such occurrences should in fact be taken as premonitions.

Compared to our outer world, the power and activity of the inner world is much more intense and effective even though it is invisible. What thoughts are going on in the brain, it is not visible, but the whole role of action and business is made in the mind. If a person comes to know about someone’s mind, then he can also take advantage of it. If predictions can be taken in this form, then it can be possible for anyone to avoid adverse situations and prepare for beneficial possibilities.

The inner world is vast and vast. It not only inspires an individual, but also a large community. Here is one such incident of foreshadowing – Amerfan is a small town in Wales. It is about the rainy season. There was a strange commotion in the whole town.

Most of the people have premonitions either in their night dreams or during the day spontaneously that they will die soon. This restlessness of the Amerfans took the form of public discussion in such a way that Germany’s famous psychologist Jan Markar was forced to study the phenomenon. During the survey, he found that most of the people in the town are having such premonitions. Not only this, the lines of fear were clearly visible on the faces of the people.

Hardly a fortnight had passed when one day a volcano erupted from a nearby mountain – a fierce storm of coal ash sprang up and it put thousands of people to death in a blink of an eye. Due to a fierce explosion in the wall of a school, 100 children died at one place.

A nine-year-old girl of this school was saved then, but 10 days after the incident, she suddenly said to her mother – “Mother! I am not afraid of death at all; God lives with me.” The mother understood that the child was afraid of 2/4 pulses, so she hugged him for the time being – “No daughter, whatever was to happen has happened, now you be sure.” Jaan Markar also met that girl and asked – “Daughter. Why do you think so?” The girl replied- “Because I see darkness all around me.” The girl child died in the afternoon on the second day of this visit. Incidentally the place where he was buried was covered with a 5-6 feet layer of coal ash. Jan Markar also concluded from this study that all living beings are related to the same ocean of consciousness. The deeper and purer this contact is, the more information can be gathered and the same benefits can be taken. Therefore, developing the inner world by spiritual means is more important than any material interest.

Scientists have now found the basis of Earth’s gravitational power in the form of a special element ‘Gravity’. This gravity emanates from each body and structures its level of attractiveness. On the basis of this one planet pulls another and this world universe is bound by a systematic relationship chain.

Like the planets and constellations, a specific electric current is also emitted in humans. They bind each other. Thus every member of the entire human race is inextricably linked with each other and the thread which has to do the work of this binding. He transmits the good and bad effects of his power from one to the other. One person keeps getting acquainted and influenced by other’s thoughts unintentionally. It is a further matter that how light or heavy that effect was and to what extent who accepted or rejected it.

Einstein considered ‘comprehensive knowledge’ to be beyond the scope of common sense. He used to say that what is known on the basis of curiosity, training, thinking and experience is not only ‘knowledge’, but also a unique level of consciousness, which can be called intuition. The great inventions of the world have landed on the brain only with the help of this intuition. It cannot be answered easily; Because there is no consistent and systematic reason for it. The wisdom from which mysterious experiences emerge, has to be considered very human.

When such extrasensory perception was found to be true on the test, then scientists also got curious to reach their truth. At present, branches of ‘Parapsychology’ are developing rapidly in many major countries like England, America, Germany, Russia, Czechoslovakia, Netherlands etc. Those who try to reach the objective situation by detailed study and discussion from such incidents. Dividing extrasensory perception or foreboding into three sections, Russian parapsychologists believe that there are some elements present in the ‘mind’ of man, whose knowledge is not known to science, but if they can be developed and controlled, then it is an absolute necessity. Can appear as normal scientific process. According to him this is a very early miracle of capacity expansion of the senses. The opinion of the sages is also that the power of the mind is infinite and immense, the more it is made sharp, focused and subtle, the more it will be adorned with unique and miraculous knowledge-science, feeling and abilities.

There are three classes of premonitions – (1) telepathy or deep-seated memory by a living being, calling out or conveying a message from the heart with great emotion; (2) clairvoyance in which one’s own abilities are expanded to establish association with the place of occurrence and perceive the situation according to one’s inner state; (3) Pre-accumulated knowledge, that is, the memory of past lives, which is in the synapsis (there is a gray matter in the brain) in the brain, there are some such strange zigzag lines, like those of an insect crawling in a pile of ashes. She goes These are called ‘Synapsis’. In these, when the mind is united for a moment, there can be a premonition or prophecy, like the sound produced by the movement of a needle on a gramophone or tape recorder. The structure of the mental institution is as unique as it is filled with wonderful powers and abilities. If in this way the secrets of nature’s gap are understood spontaneously, then by making this mental institution mature and developing it, even more important benefits, yogi-like abilities and accomplishments can be obtained.

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