All Kind of Yoga Mat beg


Do you have a yoga mat and you can’t choose the right bag? In general, we divide bags for opening from the top and those that open along the entire length. It is always a good idea to first measure (if you do not know) exactly the width of your mat. For mats with width up to 61 cm, we choose bags, which have the description number 60″. For mats 61-70 cm wide we choose the 70s and on an extremely wide 80cm, we choose ”80. Of course, if you want to add even more than just a mat, you can choose a larger one.


1. Classic bag with zipper


They are available in several variants. You can choose cotton or synthetic bag (polyester, etc.). Some bags have a specially trimmed interior to separate wet items with a waterproof coating – see the hot yoga bag. Classic bags have a full-length zip on the side and often have extra side pockets for keys and small items. So one bag is enough for yoga practice. When choosing it is a good idea to take into account how heavy the mat and things you will wear in it are and depending on it go for a firmer or lighter version.

2. Bags formats with pulling from the top


The bags have a padding from the top and are generally suitable for mats of greater thickness and weight. Since the mat is inserted from the top as well as all other things will lie rather upright, it is good to think about it and consider everything in the bag you carry.

3. Ultra-light padded bag


Mat covers that weigh almost nothing. You can easily fit classic mats and protect them from dirt. They are ideal for a single mat and come together as an alternative to a larger bag.

4. Straps with mini bag


The advantage of these combined side-wall straps is that they are universally adjustable to a large number of mats. The mini bag scrolls around the mat, is easy to carry and store.

5. Sports bag with grip for the mat


The bag is ideal if you need to carry more things with you and have a separate space from the mat. For example, if you often exercise outdoors or in an environment where the mat may become dirty and want to separate things, this bag can be very beneficial. Themat is easy to attach from above and fits almost every dimension.

6. Handbag for mat


A very stylish way to wear your yoga mat. Put the handbag over your shoulder and put a few personal belongings in the inner pockets.



The mat can be easily worn in your hand or over your shoulder with an adjustable strap. Straps are very compact, easy to adjust and versatile to almost any size. If the mat is heavier we recommend wider straps. The last alternative to transfer the mat, respectively its storage, are rubber bands for attaching the rolled mat. 

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