Significance of child’s intellectual development while physical development.

Along with physical labor, intellectual development of children is also necessary.

It is one thing to inculcate respect and interest in children for labor, but adopting a policy of exploitation keeping in mind the personal gain is quite another. Creating good workers in the future for the nation is a good practice, but it hurts when small, whining future captains are removed from the school and without taking care of their tenderness, teaching, affection and love, their ability More work is done at a pittance, due to which their physical, mental and intellectual health deteriorates. Now the time has come when this exploitation should be stopped and child laborers should be given an opportunity to become civilized, cultured, polite, virtuous and full of rights citizens.

In a country like Japan, where labor is considered the god of the material world, on the basis of which it has been established at the highest position of progress in a limited number of years. Whether he believes in any deity or not, but there is complete loyalty towards labour. He starts filling these rites in his leaders from an early age, but this does not mean that he creates any obstacle in physical, mental and intellectual development.Its overall progress is being made with hard work. In Japan, it is also kept in mind that due to the burden of labour, the child is not becoming physically weak, disabled, ill and mentally immature. They consider children as the heritage of the nation; Because young children have all those qualities, which when given a suitable opportunity, germinate and form a holistic tree. Deterioration due to lack of food-water and suitable environment and adverse conditions is the deterioration of a holistic personality. Its diamonds are kept like precious gems like pearls. In his view, the value of the future generation is more than these precious gems. This is the basic mantra of their development, due to which a small child from childhood is always ready to cooperate in increasing the country’s prosperity and prosperity by making all-round progress from the very beginning. At the same time, he becomes a successful, well-mannered and respectable citizen of labor.

On the contrary, turning the pages of history, it is clear that the tradition of child labor started in England and America in the 16th century. As a result, in a rich and prosperous nation like America, eight lakh children below the age of 16 years have to leave school and engage in hard labor. According to the International Labor Organisation, 70 million children in the age group of 8 to 15 years in developing countries earn their living by working hard. In this situation, the prosperity and progress there may seem good from the external point of view, but if we look at its side effects, it becomes clear that many personal, family, social and national problems also arise behind it. Apart from the prosperous countries like America, England, Australia, Colombia, Thailand, Sri Lanka and India are also witnessing an extraordinary increase in the number of these child laborers. In the absence of proper environment and parental affection, such children go astray and fall into the hands of luxuries and drug addicts. Increase in their contact with undesirable elements creates problems in the family, chaos in the society. These infants become addicted to many types of dirty habits like intoxication, theft, robbery at the age of eating and playing.

In this way, the small atom with which some useful work could have been done, in a terrible form, it starts destroying the happiness and peace of the society.When the atom assumes the shape of a bomb, similar results can be expected from it. According to the International Labor Organization, most of the unethical elements originate from child labor; Because they do not get the right environment, which gives them the right guidance.

Another irony is added to this that even the parents do not oppose them and keep watching as mute spectators. Many a times, such sad situations are seen that parents themselves do not motivate their children at a young age to get rid of their debt, but also give pressure. The greediness of such parents leaves the children crippled, who become beggars to be eligible for the sympathy and compassion of rich and prosperous people and collect money for them free of cost. That is why, according to Article 45 of the Indian Constitution, employing children below the age of 14 years in any factory, mines or any other hazardous work is considered a crime.

Heavy work at a young age has a bad effect on health. These children have to breathe in toxic chemicals, toxic fumes and gases, which is injurious to health. In the absence of suitable wages, they are unable to meet even their daily needs. As a result, they have to complete their death days by becoming victims of various types of ailments. The spine of a person who does heavy work at a young age becomes crooked, which cannot be compensated for throughout life. This is the reason why the hands and feet of most of the children who are engaged till late morning in the factories
are distorted. Such children die prematurely. Working hard is not bad. Labor has been considered an essential part of human life, but it is universally proved here. If the excess of labor starts attacking the root of physical, mental and intellectual development, then it is not only necessary to regulate it, it also becomes mandatory.

This is the reason why in the Gurukul teaching tradition of ancient times, more attention was paid towards the overall development of the children. For healthy development, it is necessary that there should not be extra pressure on him and he should not become lazy in excessive pampering. By not working at all, his future progress stops, he becomes like indolent, this bad quality attacks the personality of the child with age. Like this Such a child gets upset when he is away from the family. He prefers to be under the protection of his parents. On the contrary, physical, mental, intellectual and emotional development of children is not achieved by making them work more; Which is happening with child laborers today.

Helping in ancestral business, earning something in extra time of studies and sports is the quality of being self-reliant. Due to this, the culture of awakening interest towards labor develops, but to motivate, pressurize towards hard labor from childhood, is not only a harm to a child, but it is to harm the future leader of the country; The country has to be deprived of a civilized, cultured, scholar, intellectual level of talent. On this side, along with parents and teachers, it becomes the duty of every citizen to provide proper guidance and protection to them.

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