Garbh Samvad

The 16 Samskaras

These, 16 are referred to as “Shodasha Samskaras” (Ṣoḍaśa Saṃskāra) Intent to have a child ritual, Garbhadhana Nurturing the Fetus rite: Pumsavana. Parting hair and baby shower, Simantonnayana Childbirth ceremony, Jatakarman Naming the baby ritual, Namakarana Baby’s first outing, Nishkramana Baby’s first solid food, Annaprashana Baby’s first haircut, Chudakarana Baby’s earlobe piercing rite, Karnavedha Child’s

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Garbh Samvad

Garbh Samvad is an ancient science of nurturing a baby before it is even born, while still in the womb. Garbh means unborn child and Samvad mean to educate so Garbh Sanskar is a procedure that educates couples to get healthy, brilliant, beautiful, cultured, and heredity disease-free genius baby. As per the ritual aspect, Garbhsanskar

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