Best Utensils For Cooking According To Ayurveda

Best Utensils For Cooking According To Ayurveda

Modern living has made us too much convenient towards stainless steel, glass, and  that we have almost forgotten about our old or traditional cooking vessels. And that’s why when it comes to health and nutrition, we look for veggies, spices, and all other things that are healthy and nutritious, but we rarely think of utensils that can be healthy and useful for us and our loved ones’ health. According to traditional practices, there are some best utensils that we should use for cooking to make our food healthiest. This article will help you know which are the best utensils for cooking according to Ayurveda and their health benefits.

Generally, people easily get attracted to the stylish looks of modern cookware. But many  say that the chemicals that leach off from these fancy cookware can be a reason for too many health hazards and severe conditions like chronic acne. Ancient science has given so much importance to metals like copper, bronze, silver. So, if you cook your food in utensils made of these metals, it would be good for your health.

Best Utensils For Cooking According to Ayurveda  

Here we will talk about some best traditional utensils and why you should make them a part of your daily cooking routine: 

Copper Utensils

Many ayurvedic research studies suggest that copper utensils for cooking are much better than stainless steel utensils. These researchers say that there are very few chances that the copper utensils leach off metal. It is also found that copper utensils lower the risk of spread of infection from harmful bacteria’s. Copper also helps to increase the metabolic rate. Further, it is also the best metal for cooking rice in freshness and storing rice. It is believed that if you keep water overnight in a copper utensil and drink that water first in the morning, you can enjoy the extreme benefits of copper metal. 

Bronze Utensils

Well, bronze is the most ancient type of metal. It is another best utensil for cooking, according to Ayurveda, because it offers a lot of health benefits. The main advantages of bronze utensils cooked food are less obesity, end of lots of skin problems (dry skin, allergies, irritation), and healthy eyesight. Research proves bronze metal utensils the best utensils to cook and eat food. Bronze utensils for cooking are often recommended to people who have Alzheimer’s disease. It is because bronze cookware can help to enhance memory. The only downside of bronze vessels is that you cannot use ghee in them. Otherwise, bronze utensils are everything that you need in your daily cooking routine. 

Silverware Utensils

For very ancient times, people have been using silverware utensils for cooking. Silver metal utensils are not only suitable for cooking food but also a great healing agent. Silver metal has preservative, medical and therapeutic powers. Greek people used to store water in the silver vessels to keep it fresh for a more extended period. History shows that the Roman Empire people. use the silver urn to store wine and prevent it from getting spoiled due to bacterial growth. Silver utensils avoid the development of plague and disease-causing pathogens. It clams down body inflammation and increases sperm count. 

Brass Utensils

Brass is the most commonly used metal in small towns and villages. Storing water in a brass vessel helps to increase strength and immunity. It makes water rid of germs within 4 hours. Further, brass utensils increase the HB level, get rid of general skin issues, and pacify pitta ( burning sensation and aggression). 

Clay Utensils

Clay utensils are the best utensils for cooking according to Ayurveda as it makes the food healthier, nutritious, easier, and more flavorful. The porosity and natural insulation in clay utensils cause heat and moisture to circulate throughout clay pots and add nutrients from that clay pot to seep into the food. Cooking in clay pots is a slow process, but due to this, you can prevent the food from getting burned. Also, due to this reason, clay pot food is tastier without any loss of moisture and nutrient level from the food.

Iron Utensils

Cast iron utensils are always an add-on to any kitchen. It is still the best source always to add iron to our food. Further, iron utensils are safe to cook food on a higher flame. Even the food remains hot for a more extended time after turning off the heat. A well-seasoned cast-iron would require less amount of oil for cooking.  

Utensils You Should Avoid Using For Cooking Food

Following are some utensils materials that you should avoid using for cooking purposes: 


Most of the Indian kitchens are filled with aluminum utensils. But you should not use aluminum utensils because aluminum is a thyrotoxic metal. It has been proved that aluminum can easily leach into the food and be a reason for different health issues such as constipation, paralysis, liver problem, and even brain disorders. 


Ceramic cookware is best for stir-frying or sauteing food. But you should avoid cooking in because it has been found that the ceramic cookware with a thin coating has an aluminum coating underneath it. And aluminum is known to cause serious health hazards. So, if you want to use ceramic cookware, make sure you buy it from a renowned brand and with a heavy ceramic coating. 


Granite utensils are coated with a harmful substance called tetra fluoro ethylene, which can cause serious health issues.  

Non-stick cookware

Non-stick cookware is the most beloved type of cookware for any Indian. But is it safe to use non-stick cookware? No, because non-stick cookware is coated with Teflon or tetrafluoroethylene, which can cause health problems such as cancer, heart issues, etc. 

I have tried to give you a clear distinction between the best utensils for cooking according to Ayurveda and utensils that you should totally avoid for cooking food.

I hope now you will understand why you should choose kitchen cookware carefully. Be smart and choose your kitchen cookware sensibly so that you and your family can enjoy the healthiest food possible. 










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