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Umbrella support for birth to holistically developed generation.​

Our mission is to cultivate holistic, harmonious, and empowered individuals by weaving the timeless wisdom of Yoga into the lives of the new generation.

Our 3 Core Principals


Panchkosha Care

5 Treasures of Wellness

Discover the harmony within. Embrace the ancient wisdom of Panchkosha, a holistic approach that nurtures your physical, energy, mental, wisdom, and bliss bodies. At TOOYOGIC, we guide you in balancing these five layers to achieve complete wellness and inner peace.

Take the first step towards a healthier, happier you – explore our offerings and start your journey today.


Pre-natal Care

Wellness from the Start

We believe in nurturing the profound bond between mother and baby from the very beginning. Our comprehensive pre-natal care programs go beyond conventional approaches, offering guidance on nutrition, prenatal yoga, and emotional well-being. But we don’t stop there. We empower you to communicate with your baby in the womb, fostering a connection that lays the foundation for their intellectual, emotional, and spiritual development.

Join us to experience a joyful and healthy pregnancy journey, and let TOOYOGIC be your trusted companion in preparing your child for a bright future.


Parenthood Care

Nurturing the Future

At TOOYOGIC, we understand that parenthood is more than just raising children; it’s about nurturing the future. We provide parents with the tools, support, and knowledge to cultivate a nurturing environment where their children can thrive. Our programs and resources are designed to strengthen family bonds, foster emotional growth, and empower parents to raise conscious, healthy, and happy children.

Join us on this journey of parenthood, and together, let’s shape a brighter future for the next generation.”

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Holistic Health: By Panchkosh Wellness

This unique program is specially crafted for individuals and couples navigating the beautiful path of parenthood. Discover the power of Integral Yog as a guiding light, nurturing not just your physical health but also fostering emotional resilience and spiritual harmony.

Our webinars offer a supportive space for learning, connection, and infusing vitality into your life, whether you are preparing for parenthood or already a parent. Join us on this beautiful path, where Integral Yog becomes your guiding light.

Fee:- 369 INR 

12TH  &  21ST  OF EVERY MONTH AT 7:00 pm

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